To all team leaders and coaches

Dear friends, This letter to point out some important news about the forthcoming Worlds.

Arrival: All coaches shall come to the Circolo Surf Torbole first in order to leave the equipment and register the boat (if they have one). The parking of the club is small and it will be only used for loading and unloading. There will be a specific parking for trailers situated one kilometer far from the host club and a place for the mooring of the boats, at Circolo Vela Torbole (Torbole Sailing Club.

Equipment storage: There will be a space reserved for each team situated on the beach in front of the host club. Night security will grant the safety of the equipment.

Support boats: Support boats shall be registered at the race office of Circolo Surf Torbole. Private motor boats are not permitted on this section of the lake without the “temporary permission” granted through the host club. This permission is free. The drivers shall show the following documents:
1. Navigation license for motors with 40.8 or more; otherwise identity card or passport;
2. Boat insurance;

with the permission each coach will receive an identification sticker to stick on the boat and a flag. For the flag the club will ask a deposit of 30,00 euro. Please send in advance the documents of the boat per mail at: Prevailing conditions: 

Wind: 7 - 25 knots.
Wind temperature: 10 – 18 degrees
Water temperature: 12 – 18 degrees
Air temperature: 10 - 22 degrees

General information: please click on this link to see the map of the area with the main information which can be useful

We suggest all the coaches to have thermos for hot beverages on the boat.

National flags: we remember you that it’s necessary you bring a national flag of your country. This flag will be very useful during the parade through the town for opening ceremony the 22nd of October. Moreover these flags will show the places in which every nation will store its boards and equipment.

Eco-friendly event: Torbole’s Worlds will be an eco-friendly event. I.e.: no plastic water bottles afloat and ashore (they will be forbidden everywhere in event site), but glassware only. Thermos on coach boats. No plastic plates for lunches and parties but pieces of pottery. No plastic cutlery but metal knives, forks and spoons. As less cars as possible for transfers to and from hotels: riding a bicycle that you can rent for the whole time.

Waiting for your stay in Torbole

Best Regards

Circolo Surf Torbole